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Re: limiting memory use by mariadb?


Am 05.01.2017 um 17:13 schrieb l vic:
dataset size: 1000000 rows. 5 int cols. 7 char cols
I run mysqlslap for 99 concurrent clients ( out of 100 max)
Container memory is limited to 5.268G
Query cache configuration is default, i didn't try to change it
Why MyISAM engine is more suitable in resource constrained env? What's
the cons of using it?

because when you disable innodb in my.cnf you don't have the overhead of buffer-pool and other innodb related stuff while MyISAM just acts with the files on disk and caching is done by the OS aka the virtual memory you wanted to swap out stuff at the begin of the thread

cons: no transaction support - just read about the different storage engines, there is a lot of documentation in the web