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Re: Problem Upgrade MariaDb 5.5.52 MariaDb 10.1.22


Am 21.03.2017 um 21:08 schrieb Wilmer Arambula:
Hi, ihave a system running perfectly on mariadb 5.5.52, i will change
everything to a new server with mariadb 10.1.22, but running the
installation script gives me problems, this is the error, is there any
way to configure mariadb 10.1.22 To omit this error, since mariadb
10.1.22 works with strict-trans-table, there is some old_mode feature
that allows this.

Query : ALTER TABLE `media_gallery_music_elements`         ADD FOREIGN
KEY `FK_GALLERY_ID` (`gallery_id`) REFERENCES `media_gallery_musi...

Error Code : 1005
Can't create table `test`.`#sql-c82_1086` (errno: 121 "Duplicate key on
write or update")

Execution Time : 00:00:00:000
Transfer Time  : 00:00:00:000
Total Time     : 00:00:00:000

I can manually modify and fix the error, but it is a system with many
scripts and updates, is there any way to omit this error in Mariadb 10.1.22

either you have unique keys or not

however why not first upgrade to 10.0.x and why working with dumps instead just as others do for many many years an dbrought their server from mysql3 to mariadb 10.1 - this is not postgresql

* upgrade 10.x
* mysql_upgrade -u root -p
* upgrade 10.1.x
* mysql_upgrade -u root -p

no, not on the live-server, on a virtual machine where you first rsync your datadir, play the upgrades and finally when you have a working plan after the last retry rsync the datadir to the new liveserver