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Re: Problem Upgrade MariaDb 5.5.52 MariaDb 10.1.22


Hi, Wilmer!

On Mar 21, Wilmer Arambula wrote:
> Hi, i have a system running perfectly on mariadb 5.5.52, i will change
> everything to a new server with mariadb 10.1.22, but running the
> installation script gives me problems, this is the error, is there any way
> to configure mariadb 10.1.22 To omit this error, since mariadb 10.1.22
> works with strict-trans-table, there is some old_mode feature that allows
> this.

No, 10.1.22 shouldn't have STRICT_TRANS_TABLES by default, at least it's
not what I see in the code.

Why do you think you have STRICT_TRANS_TABLES enabled?

> Query : ALTER TABLE `media_gallery_music_elements`         ADD FOREIGN KEY
> `FK_GALLERY_ID` (`gallery_id`) REFERENCES `media_gallery_musi...
> Error Code : 1005
> Can't create table `test`.`#sql-c82_1086` (errno: 121 "Duplicate key on
> write or update")

I cannot quite think what 10.0 or 10.1 change could've caused this
error. A check for duplicate keys isn't new, it worked for the last
20 years.

May be there was some change in collations and values were considered
different in 5.5 but are compared as equal in 10.1? Run CHECK TABLE on
your media_gallery_music_elements in 10.1.

Or mysql_upgrade, indeed, as Reindl suggested.

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx