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Re: MySQL Workbench Fork?


On Apr 21, 2017, at 10:19 AM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> i don't buy that just because i don't work in a huge company, come from windows, started just as php developer and over the years took over the whole administration, ported the whole company from OSX to Linux and guess what the previous OSX "sysadmin" was: a clickmonkey
> from 2003 to 2008 i learned all the needed things autodidact to took over the whole technical from database, web, mail, network, virtualization, nameservers and what not
> what i never missed was a desktop GUI for a mysql server….

I get that, and that’s great for you. I could say the same as well, but nevertheless, still use GUIs. They may not be for you, and that’s fine. Just as you tend to lump GUI users into some bucket, I tend to lump non GUI users into a set of stereotypes. Just realize you are not the typical case. You really think the hundreds of thousands of Zen Cart, OSCommerce, Magento, etc. users can do that, your typical person? Now that mariadb is the default on many distributions? I’ve helped many of them over the years gain some access to their database so they can explore, poke around, generate some reports, run queries I generate for them, get back into their system when locked out, etc. Workbench as you may or may not know, has some failsafes. Naturally, GUI or not, they can also destroy their system though it’s a little harder with the GUI. So, caution and rules / configuration are always stated. 

My intent is certainly not to try and convince any experienced admin who does not use any sort of GUI tool to do so, of course not! Use whatever makes you feel good. It’s only to agree with the OP that such tools are useful for many people, one of them not being you. However, as a programmer, I do realize that it would be challenging due to the skill set involved to maintain the product.