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Re: Connector Net Question


On 17.05.2017 16:36, ksubramanian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

The reason for disable the auto-commit is to mimic more or less similar to oracle behaviour. Because our existing system was in oracle. Just asking out of curiosity – why we enable auto-commit by default in Maria DB. I felt that it wont give control on how we maintain the transaction.

My guess is that it is because it is how most people expect it to behave. I certainly do, and I'm not alone.

For example,
JDBC mandates autocommit=on after connection.

From http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/jdbc/basics/transactions.html

"When a connection is created, it is in auto-commit mode. This means that each individual SQL statement is treated as a transaction and is automatically committed right after it is executed. (To be more precise, the default is for a SQL statement to be committed when it is completed, not when it is executed. A statement is completed when all of its result sets and update counts have been retrieved. In almost all cases, however, a statement is completed, and therefore committed, right after it is executed.)

The way to allow two or more statements to be grouped into a transaction is to disable the auto-commit mode. This is demonstrated in the following code, where con is an active connection:



Another example, SQLServer defaults to autocommit mode as well https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms971557.aspx

Those who never used SQLServer,MySQL, or JDBC may have different expectations of the default.

Can anyone provide some reasons for why we need to keep the auto-commit enabled at server level.

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On 17.05.2017 11:26, ksubramanian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ksubramanian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


    We have set auto-commit=false at server level.

    But our .Net developers want to enable this auto-commit as true
    (default behaviour) that I hesitant to do that. Is there any
    connector (driver) properties that we can set at connection level
    for auto-commit. I know in JDBC driver, we have the properties
    that we can set at driver level when we establish connection to
    DB. But for connector/Net I am trying to find, couldn’t locate
    one. I noticed auto-enlist sett to true or false, not sure whether
    this will mimic the auto-commit functionality in a given connection.

    Can anyone using .Net and MariaDB combination help me to share
    your thought on this.

Out of curiosity, what is the reason for you to use the non-default behavior (global auto-commit=false)?

As far as I know, you cannot set arbitrary session variable automatically with C/NET, and there is no property for autocommit. Thus this would need to be done in code, just after connecting, e.g command.executeNonQuery("set @@autocommit=1")



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