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Re: URI data source for XML/JSON CONNECT tables?



Le 18/02/2015 à 08:05, Kolbe Kegel a écrit :

I had some fun using the JSON table type recently. But what fun is it to read JSON from a file.
FYI, CONNECT new versions (already distributed in 10.2) include getting Json info directly from MongoDB collections.
  JSON comes from RESTful APIs :)

Has there been any thought about functionality to read JSON from a URI?
See above and the attached doc.
  This introduces loads of complications and dependencies, but maybe it'd be worth looking into. Or maybe that's something that could be provided by some other plugin that'd handle the HTTP heavy lifting?

We'd want to take into account that most RESTful APIs worth pulling JSON from would require some form of authentication that we probably would not want to force users to store in their table definition.



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