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Re: Parallel Databases and network security


Am 16.01.2018 um 05:10 schrieb Jan Steinman:
On 2018-01-15, at 17:15, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am 16.01.2018 um 01:58 schrieb Jan Steinman:
On 2018-01-15, at 16:37, Ruben Safir <ruben@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Because that is how I want it.  The longer explanation is, because that
is how I want to do it, period.
You have the freedom to be foolish. And I have the freedom to not help you be foolish

forget it - that fool obviously never wants answers to his questions nor tries to understand what people tell him

He doesn’t understand how TCP/IP and routed works, either: “I'd like it to only listen on a specific interface altogether.”

That’s okay. It’s been cheap entertainment for me! :-)


however, it's heartwarming that someone who don't want anserws from humans types his questions not in a search engine like https://www.google.at/search?q=mysql+listen gicen that the first hit is not too bad...


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