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Re: mariadb-backup meta deb package


Hi, Reindl!

On Feb 14, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 14.02.2018 um 10:51 schrieb Florent B:
> > Wouldn't be nice to have a metapackage mariadb-backup in Debian
> > repository, that depends on the current best version
> > (mariadb-backup-10.2, etc..) ?
> > 
> > Like "mariadb-server" package in fact
> you missed to describe the problem you want to solve by step in with a 
> solution which is always the wrong start because in case you didn't 
> understand the real problem any solution is wrong

The explanation I've heard (years ago) for our complex structure of
debian packages (there's mariadb-server package and mariadb-server-5.5,
for example), is:

  a user might want to have "latest version of mariadb", then he
  installs "mariadb-server", and it'll even be automatically upgraded to
  the latest version, whenever we release it.


  a user might want to have "latest version within 5.5 branch" and then
  he installs "mariadb-server-5.5", and it'll be upgraded within 5.5,
  but will never auto-upgrade to 10.0, for example.

Don't know how correct this explanation is, I'm not using Debian myself.
But that's why our debian packaging is the way it is. And in this logic
it'd totally make sense to have maria-backup debian package, and not
only maria-backup-10.1.

Chief Architect MariaDB
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