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Re: Upgrade paths through more major versions


Am 06.06.2018 um 14:20 schrieb Guillaume Lefranc:
> That's a waste of time. Such an upgrade is perfectly possible through
> the means of mysqldump and reload. In-place upgrades might cause some
> issues because of innodb version changes, but for example, from 10.0 to
> 10.1, they are rarely an issue because the version of InnoDB hasn't
> changed. The recommended upgrade path from any version is always the
> same e.g. dump and reload.

sorry, but this is not postgresql where you where f**ed for ages when
your distribution at dist-upgrade shipped a major upgrade and you forgot
to dump before

i work with MySQL since 2001 and in-place updates followed with
'mysql_upgrade' worked between all vesions including skip a release

when i have to dump and reload something is terrible wrong - how do you
do that on servers with thounsdands of tables and hundrets of users
uninterrupted? and yes my distupgrades from Fedora 9 to Fedora 27 where
*online upgrades* followed by a reboot with a downtime of a few seconds
while the upgrade itself takes 2-5 minutes on a VMware clusert