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Re: Server system variables which description I haven't found


Hi, Michal!

On Feb 27, Michal Schorm wrote:
> Stack trace:
> Does that mean without "--stack-trace" I won't get the trace?

stack-trace is enabled by default. You will not get the stack trace if
you'll use --disable-stack-trace

> gdb:
> I understand it as "--gdb" is meant for runtime debugging and has no
> effect to the coredump files?
> does that mean "disable_gdb" option does not exists? (anymore?)

"disable" or "skip" are prefixes recognized for all boolean options.

--disable-xxx is the same as --skip-xxx and the same as --xxx=0

--gdb option tells MariaDB not to install signal handlers, which is
convenient if you run mysqld in gdb, so that Ctrl-C or a sigsegv
will break you in the debugger.

But --gdb is disabled by default, so --disable-gdb normally does not do

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