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485 GB of galera.page.xxxxx files never deleted!?


Hello all,

Again, I need help with a galera cluster.

One of the galera has about 3800 files named galera.page.0000xxx (not galera.cache) of 128MB each stored in /var/lib/mysql, which is about twice the size of the total DB !? and it keeps creating files every minute, never deleting any of them for 3 days.

The other nodes have no such files, but only one galera.cache file of 128MB.

I tried deleting some of them, but it doesn’t reclaim disk space and in about 2 days disk would be entirely filled and the server would obviously stop functioning if not the entire cluster.

Can’t find any information about galera.page files but only galera.cache file so I’m not sure it’s related. As far as I could tell those are used when replicating information between node? Does that mean that the changes on that node are not replicated to others?

Any help would be appreciated.


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