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Re: Column named 'row_number' gives error in 10.11


Hi, Keith,

On Apr 02, Keith Edmunds wrote:
> > I can't say I'm impressed with a "patch" which eliminates something
> > like this from the list of reserved words.  They are, after all,
> > reserved for a reason.
> I'm not impressed that a point release introduces a reserved word that
> will undoubtedly clash with existing apps, but hey, we are where we
> are.

It was done in 10.7.1, part of the feature

Every minor MariaDB release comes with new features, patch releases don't.

In this case, in particular, ROW_NUMBER is a reserved keyword according
to the SQL Standard (see the <reserved word> rule in the part 2). Using
reserved words as identifiers is generally discouraged, even if a
particular implementation allows that in a particular release.

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