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the storage engine formerly known as Maria


Hello everyone,

If you haven't heard, the name of the Maria storage engine is going to
change to "Aria". See:

With the name being changed I wanted to solicit opinions on how to
manage the change on askmonty.org, the KB, and elsewhere.

It's not too hard to search and replace instances of the word Maria
with Aria (where Maria is refering to the storage engine and not the
person, of course). The main question is when. I see at least three
possible courses of action:

1. Make the change now
2. Wait for the change to be commited to bzr and then make the change
3. Wait for the change to be released in a version of MariaDB and then
   make the change 

Any preferences/thoughts on this?

Once we have a consensus on the timing there is the question of how to
word the change. Do we change the text: "The Maria storage engine" to
"The Aria storage engine" or do we change it to "The Aria (formerly
Maria) storage engine" (or something similar)? If there is a lack of
strong opinions on this I'll just pick one and do it consistently

I'm also copying the community team on this, since they may have some
good input on this.


Daniel Bartholomew
Monty Program - http://askmonty.org

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