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Re: the storage engine formerly known as Maria


Hello all,

I purposely did not reply to this thread until now to give
anyone who wanted to comment ample time to do so.

Thanks to those who responded.

Just to review:

Daniel> I see at least three possible courses of action:
Daniel> 1. Make the change now
Daniel> 2. Wait for the change to be commited to bzr and then make the
Daniel>    change 
Daniel> 3. Wait for the change to be released in a version of MariaDB
Daniel>    and then make the change 
Daniel> Any preferences/thoughts on this?

Mj> Most of my colleagues haven't heard about Maria until I mentioned
Mj> it to them.
Mj> I guess renaming it Aria is okay without having to worry about
Mj> confusion on MariaDB and Aria. I'm guessing only us, people in this
Mj> mailing list knew of its existence.
Mj> I say we start renaming now.

Sergei> I think 1 or 2 is the way to go, with 1 being preferred as it
Sergei> needs no coordination - changes to the manual and the code can
Sergei> be done independently. The detail is - after replacing names in
Sergei> the manual, a Maria (engine) page, which will be called Aria,
Sergei> of course, should have a note in red right after the title,
Sergei> like this:
Sergei>   Aria engine
Sergei>   -----------
Sergei>   <red>Note: Aria engine was previously called Maria (see
Sergei>   url-to-rename-contest) and you may occasionally see it called
Sergei> that way if you have older version of the MariaDB bla bla
Sergei> bla ... </red>

Like Mj and Sergei (and others who replied directly to me), I'm
thinking we should just make the change now. I like the idea of a
central renaming note.

I'll focus on making the change to the KB first, since the current wiki
setup is going to be replaced by it (hopefully soon). Once finished with
the KB, I'll change the wiki pages (if the wiki is still around).

Daniel> Once we have a consensus on the timing there is the question of
Daniel> how to word the change. Do we change the text: "The Maria
Daniel> storage engine" to "The Aria storage engine" or do we change it
Daniel> to "The Aria (formerly Maria) storage engine" (or something
Daniel> similar)? If there is a lack of strong opinions on this I'll
Daniel> just pick one and do it consistently everywhere.

Sergei> it naturally follows from the above that the engine should be
Sergei> called "Aria" everywhere, not "Aria (formerly Maria)", because
Sergei> the "formerly Maria" part will have a dedicated place in the
Sergei> note at the beginning of the page.

This is a good suggestion and my current plan is now to do it this way.


Daniel Bartholomew
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