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Re: the storage engine formerly known as Maria


Hi, Daniel!

On Jul 21, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> If you haven't heard, the name of the Maria storage engine is going to
> change to "Aria".
> With the name being changed I wanted to solicit opinions on how to
> manage the change on askmonty.org, the KB, and elsewhere. I see at
> least three possible courses of action:
> 1. Make the change now
> 2. Wait for the change to be commited to bzr and then make the change
> 3. Wait for the change to be released in a version of MariaDB and then
>    make the change 
> Any preferences/thoughts on this?
I think 1 or 2 is the way to go, with 1 being preferred as it needs no
coordination - changes to the manual and the code can be done
independently. The detail is - after replacing names in the manual, a
Maria (engine) page, which will be called Aria, of course, should have a
note in red right after the title, like this:

  Aria engine
  <red>Note: Aria engine was previously called Maria (see
  url-to-rename-contest) and you may occasionally see it called that way
  if you have older version of the MariaDB bla bla bla ... </red>

If you'll need this red text on more than one page, you could put it in
a template, I suppose.

> Once we have a consensus on the timing there is the question of how to
> word the change. Do we change the text: "The Maria storage engine" to
> "The Aria storage engine" or do we change it to "The Aria (formerly
> Maria) storage engine" (or something similar)? If there is a lack of
> strong opinions on this I'll just pick one and do it consistently
> everywhere.

it naturally follows from the above that the engine should be called
"Aria" everywhere, not "Aria (formerly Maria)", because the "formerly
Maria" part will have a dedicated place in the note at the beginning of
the page.