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Re: Aria storage engine docs are not up to date


On Sun, 20 Nov 2011 10:29:23 +0200
"Philip Stoev" <pstoev@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Philip> Hello,
Philip> I guy complained that our Aria documentation is not up to date.
Philip> This KB page:
Philip> http://kb.askmonty.org/en/aria-faq
Philip> - discusses a file (KNOWN_BUGS.txt) that is nowhere to be
Philip> found. Some other KB articles also mention it;
Philip> - it is difficult to figure out what features have been
Philip> implemented already and which release they could be found.
Philip> The person is from the MySQL ecosystem, and therefore has at
Philip> least some idea about what is going on, so I assume that for
Philip> someone who is totally unaquainted with the situation, the text
Philip> will be even more confusing.
Philip> I also noticed that this page:
Philip> - Discusses Aria in terms of MySQL 5.1 release and not in
Philip> MariaDB release numbers;
Philip> - contains links to MySQL forge and not our own WL system

I'll look into the above and get the Aria docs updated.


Daniel Bartholomew
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