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R: TODO Tracking


--- Gio 1/12/11, Shaun McCance <shaunm@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
Two options:

1) Keep a list of stuff in a wiki. The KB itself is a wiki, so the
list could go write in the KB.

2) Use an issue tracker. We could use LP, since everything else is
happening there anyway. We'd have to create a project on LP. I don't
know how happy LP is with projects that aren't backed by an actual
bzr repository.

I suggest the second option. If people will contribute to the KB, extra info will be needed (pages which need to be revised, assignees, "bug reports", comments, etc), and a single wiki page may not be the best way to store that info.

Also, I think that making the KB source code avaible as Free Software would encourage people to contribute it.


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