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Re: Parent Categories


Hi Shaun,

On 11/30/2011 05:14 PM, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
There is some functionality to add parents to a page or category, but
it might be restricted to admins (I see an "Edit Parents" link in the
sidebar, but I don't know if you do). Bryan will know who can see it. We
don't want to make it too easy to add (and delete parents), since that
could lead to mass confusion, but we do want to allow multiple parents
to aid in discoverability.

The edit parents link is restricted to "trusted" users and I have now added you to that group. You now also will not be subjected to captchas.

The "Parents" section in the sidebar is an attempt to show when a
category or article has multiple parents without making things overly
complicated. You're right that it isn't as visible as the bread crumbs,
but like you say, we don't want to end up with an explosion of links.

I would like to keep the breadcrumbs at the top as they are, but there is remove for improvements. Perhaps a section at the bottom of the article, above comments with breadcrumbs for non-primary parents.

Best Regards,
Bryan Alsdorf, Lead Web Developer
Monty Program AB. http://montyprogram.com