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Re: Random Query Generator docs might disappear soon


On 7/16/2012 9:09 PM, Colin Charles wrote:

On 16 Jul 2012, at 22:08, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:

Elena> But the problem with my modifications is that they currently
Elena> live in my work tree, I'm still not sure what is the right way
Elena> to handle it. I see that Oracle guys do merges into the main RQG
Elena> tree (not Philip), so I guess they kind of "own" it, and I don't
Elena> know whether I should merge my changes, especially
Elena> MariaDB-specific parts, into the same tree, or request them to
Elena> decide whether they want them, or to keep a separate MariaDB
Elena> tree. So far I've just been merging the main tree into mine, to
Elena> avoid diversion, but not the other way round.
Elena> Any opinions would be appreciated.

If the Oracle people are willing to merge in your changes and additions
(including the MariaDB-specific parts) then it would be simpler to just
use their tree, but if they're unwilling and/or slow to merge in your
changes then we should probably have our own tree and merge in their
changes periodically.

I'm all for working on things as one. So if Oracle is willing to merge, or whoever is currently maintaing it merges, it will be awesome. If they are not interested in upstream development, maybe we should become upstream? I don't know if you have such cycles, but it can be done

Oh no, they are doing some development, that's for sure, as they merge their internal tree into the main tree every now and then.
I'll find out about merging our changes.


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