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Re: Question about SQL-99 Complete, Really


On Mon, 01 Apr 2013 23:17:21 +0200
Ian Gilfillan <launchpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ian> Hi
Ian> I have a question on the "SQL-99 Complete, Really" section of the 
Ian> documentation. This is the complete copy of the book. Is the aim
Ian> to keep this as a clean copy of the book (in which case the text
Ian> should be left untouched), or to edit as necessary?
Ian> As an example, I want to add details about the completion_type
Ian> system variable to the COMMIT TRANSACTION page. There's almost no
Ian> info in the non SQL-99 section of the docs.
Ian> So, which way should I go about it:
Ian> 1) edit the SQL-99 COMMIT TRANSACTION page?
Ian> 2) create a new COMMIT TRANSACTION page or similar in the
Ian> transaction section of the main docs, and add details there?

Yes, the idea is to have a complete, clean copy of the book, but we
can pull anything we want from it into the MariaDB section and
customize the info for MariaDB. So go with option 2.


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