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Re: Question about SQL-99 Complete, Really


Hi, Daniel!

On Apr 01, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
> Ian Gilfillan <launchpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I have a question on the "SQL-99 Complete, Really" section of the
> > documentation. This is the complete copy of the book. Is the aim to
> > keep this as a clean copy of the book (in which case the text should
> > be left untouched), or to edit as necessary?
> > 
> > As an example, I want to add details about the completion_type
> > system variable to the COMMIT TRANSACTION page. There's almost no
> > info in the non SQL-99 section of the docs.
> > 
> > So, which way should I go about it:
> > 
> > 1) edit the SQL-99 COMMIT TRANSACTION page?
> > 2) create a new COMMIT TRANSACTION page or similar in the
> > transaction section of the main docs, and add details there?
> Yes, the idea is to have a complete, clean copy of the book, but we
> can pull anything we want from it into the MariaDB section and
> customize the info for MariaDB. So go with option 2.

We could also have something like "See also", say, a text like "For
MariaDB extensions to this syntax ..." or "MariaDB related information ..."
and links to the relevant pages. In a slug on top of the page or in the
sidebar. Somewhere that is clearly distinct from the book text and
doesn't blend with it, but still allows readers to get to the MariaDB
pages quickly.


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