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Re: undocumented features?


Hi Ian

Please don't take this as an accuse. I understand that keeping documentation and links updated requires a great effort. Generally you are doing a great work, and it wouldn't be reasonable to expect a flawless documentation. But I still think that I found an undocumented feature. You confirm that probably there are other cases, and I think this is a problem that should be fixed somehow. Let me explain better my point of view.

A statement documentation page is expected to include the complete syntax, so if I look at GRANT page and don't find a privilege, that privilege doesn't exist for me. Mentioning the feature in another page, and without any details, is not enough.

Also note that HELP has the same problem. I think that most users don't know that HELP contents refer to MySQL (and the KB lacks this info). In my opinion, if you cannot fill the help tables with MariaDB-specific information, you should return a warning every time a user runs HELP command.


Gio 11/8/16, Ian Gilfillan <ian@xxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

 Oggetto: Re: [Maria-docs] undocumented features?
 A: maria-docs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Data: Giovedì 11 agosto 2016, 17:10
 Hi Federico
 I know one of the weaknesses
 has been adding new content as a new 
 article, and then not cross-linking it on all
 related pages, so you're 
 right that
 this is probably not the only case. It'll be quite hard
 'check that all ... features are
 documented in the proper KB page' 
 though! If I do spot anything will be sure to
 add it, otherwise feel 
 free to add/report
 if you spot something.
 Thanks for adding the missing content in this
 On 11/08/2016 10:36,
 Federico Razzoli wrote:
 > Hi all!
 > I have a request:
 could you please check that all current/future features are
 documented in the proper KB page? The request includes
 "sub-features", that is, syntaxes that were
 implemented as part of a more generic feature. It is very
 possible that there are undocumented things, in my
 > For
 example, I just documented GRANT ... MAX_STATENENT_TIME. I
 learned it exists because I've read this page:
 > https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/aborting-statements/
 > However the GRANT
 page didn't mention that syntax until I added that
 content. This means that, even if a user reads the
 documentation, he hardly knows about this feature. Also, I
 needed to experiment: in fact, from the above page, it
 wasn't clear if MAX_STATEMENT_TIME was a permission or a
 user resourse limit.
 > Again, this is just a request, not
 criticism. I'm writing this mail because, in my opinion,
 we all would benefit from all features being documented.
 > Thank you for your
 great work, MariaDB!
 > Regards
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