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undocumented features?


Hi all!

I have a request: could you please check that all current/future features are documented in the proper KB page? The request includes "sub-features", that is, syntaxes that were implemented as part of a more generic feature. It is very possible that there are undocumented things, in my opinion.

For example, I just documented GRANT ... MAX_STATENENT_TIME. I learned it exists because I've read this page:

However the GRANT page didn't mention that syntax until I added that content. This means that, even if a user reads the documentation, he hardly knows about this feature. Also, I needed to experiment: in fact, from the above page, it wasn't clear if MAX_STATEMENT_TIME was a permission or a user resourse limit.

Again, this is just a request, not criticism. I'm writing this mail because, in my opinion, we all would benefit from all features being documented.

Thank you for your great work, MariaDB!


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