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Code of conduct


Hi all,

I'm starting to pick things up from our branding thread (looks like we're going with milligrins and microgrins btw) and I'd like to setup a code of conduct. At this point even Github is recommending one (community tab for project owners) and I think it's a good thing for this project medium to long term.

Yes, most of it boils down to "don't be an ass" and shouldn't even need to be said. Unfortunately, it's still often necessary. As a side note, it never actually is "don't be an ass", but more "don't be an ass *here*". Everyone should be free to be an ass when they want to, as long as they're not a pain in ours :-)

As a baseline, I like the Rust one, it just needs some minor tweaks:


Let me know if you have specific issues with it before I commit something.

- Igno

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