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Re: Community discussions


Thanks for the suggestion! I used to enjoy bitcointalk a lot but nowadays I'd have the same reserves as with reddit. I think it'd also be very beneficial to have our own space, where we can create all the subtopics we need. But thanks for the help offer!

- Igno

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> Subject: Re: [Mimblewimble] Community discussions
> Local Time: 11 January 2018 10:22 PM
> UTC Time: 11 January 2018 22:22
> From: itodorovic@xxxxxxxxx
> To: mimblewimble@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hello,
> I would like to suggest official BitcoinTalk thread as a place to build the wider audience. There is no place with more people dedicated to cryptocoins as the first and best forum. If you decide for this option please drop me a line, I'm "legendary" user there and can help building the community on it.