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Fwd: N-Trig Device Enablement Plan for Lucid


For future reference...

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From: Robbie Williamson <robbie.williamson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: March 12, 2010 8:02:06 PM MST
To: Rafi Rubin <rafi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Duncan McGreggor <duncan.mcgreggor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: N-Trig Device Enablement Plan for Lucid

Hey Rafi, here's the plan we've put together:

       * First, stage the kernel and X driver changes within Bryce's
       xorg-edgers PPA [1]...similar to how we tested nouveau support.
Andy Whitcroft believes we should be able to enable all 7 kernel drivers for multi-touch, including N-Trig, as they are fairly

       * We will then ask you to perform some initial testing of the
       N-trig driver and X packages to make sure the experience they
       provide matches his expectations. We'd also like your advice on
       which apps we should use to test basic single and multi-touch

       * We can then do a call for testing in Beta 1 against the PPA.
       We'd specifically like those with N-Trig to test, but would
       welcome users of the other drivers as well as those without
       support to test also...to be sure we don't introduce any X
       related regressions. Ironically, Bryan Murray from our QA team
  	has one of the supported HP N-Trig laptops, so he will be a
       perfect lead of this test effort.  We'd like leverage your
	expertise in addressing any bugs opened, if possible.

       * Finally, we will assess the stability before the Beta 2
       release, and decide whether or not to push the kernel and X
       updates into Lucid, or just put them into a PPA created
       exclusively for touch enablement in Lucid. Then, assuming the
       base enablement code stabilizes in the upstream kernel and X
       trees, we can push the packages into 10.04.1.


[1] https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/multitouch/+packages

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