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Re: Ginn "Oneric" Spec


Yes, because with the new gesture + direction + action format, is not
necesary to check any property, making more easy to the final user
edit the configuration or manage it from a GUI.

Think in a user that haven't got any idea about multitouch.. or
computers in general, and he wants to move a window draging three

He doesn't know nothing about that the drag has a "delta_x" property
and methods "start", "update" and "finish" and that he must put in the
start event an action to press Alt (Alt_L, that is even more
confusing), in the update another action to move the mouse and in the
finish an action to hold the Alt key....
But for him is very easy configure this an other multitouch actions
going to a GUI, select the gesture, the number of fingers and the
"move window" action.


I have updated the spec, please, review it, and propose any changes ;)