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Re: Ubuntu Multitouch Kernel Driver Development - Details and testing


Hi Nuno,

>> - How can I test user side multitouch input? I'm trying to see if xinput 
>> lists my device as a multitouch device. No success. I'm also trying an 
>> example from qt4-demos, finger paint which always gives me nothing. Is 
>> there any "oficial" tool for ubuntu multitouch input testing?

>The qt4 fingerpaint application is the best tool for quickly testing
>multitouch input because it shows what the device is emitting in a
>graphical way.

>You should also be able to use xinput test-xi2, but it might be broken
>at the moment.

Before X, I suggest you test if your driver is okay for Linux kernel, you
can test it using evtest, for example $evtest /dev/input/event4 >


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