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Re: Ubuntu Multitouch Kernel Driver Development - Details and testing


Hi everybody,

Good news. I have it working for multitouch already. At least qt example finger paint is working perfectly.

Regarding to Mouse and Single Touch Digitizer. How will the operating system make the distinction between mouse and multitouch?

What about the ubuntu unity? What kind of multitouch is natively supported?

Yes Ice, I have a working driver for Windows 7. It was the first driver I developed for this device.


With my best regards,

Nuno Santos

On 11/10/2011 01:36 PM, ice wrote:
Hi Nuno,

I suggest you first implement "Mouse", then "Single Touch Digitizer",
finally "Multitouch Digitizer". Can your device work in Windows 7?

Event Code (0,1):Mouse Pointer(X,Y)
            (47): 0:1st touch, 1:2nd touch,......
            (53,54):Touch (X,Y)
Here you missed code 47.

The report should look like this, for example 2 touch

Code 47, value 0
code 53 (Position X), value X0
code 54 (Position Y), value Y0
code 47, value 1
code 53 (Position X), value X1
code 54 (Position Y), value Y1
code 0 (X), value X0
code 1 (Y), value Y0
-------------- Report Sync ------------


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