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Re: open-source driver for Microsoft Surface 2.0


> > Also, slightly technical issue: the Surface has one single USB interface
> > with several bulk endpoints: one for coordinate data, one for raw image
> > data. AFAICT it's not possible to handle different endpoints in the same
> > interface with different drivers? Consequently, the MT driver should
> > also provide some sort of a video interface... (probably not a full V4L
> > interface, though, as there aren't any adjustable parameters to speak of).
> V4L rings a bell. I had planned to work on the Surface 2 and had no
> time to do it. But I had not realized that it made the video
> available. One of my plans was to work on a device that does this
> because I suspect that Linux input and V4L will need to be somehow
> interconnected some day. Or at least we'll need some kernel +
> userland architecture pattern to account for chains like device ->
> video -> tracking -> mt-input -> app. I was waiting to have sample
> code available before mentioning this, apparently the time is
> coming.

Depending on the bus type used, the device sensor mechanism and the
power requirements, this may or may not be suitable. As always, time
will tell, but it is quite possible that we will end up with a special
input interface for this.