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Re: rationale behind posdir construction



On 04/07/2009 04:37 PM, Tim Stoop wrote:

> I'm trying to get why the current posdir/posmountdir construction
> exists. Isn't it easier to simply create a directory on the mounted
> snapshot and include the files there? I don't see why you'd want to
> create a directory in /tmp and then bindmount it to the backupdir. Of
> course, I might simply be overlooking something. Can someone explain
> it to me, please?

Sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy at the MySQL Conference this
week. You might want to ask Robin about this, as he submitted that patch a
while ago - but I as far as I recall we're using this construction because we
did not want to depend on LVM snapshots being writable (which is an LVMv2-only

Of course the question remains if this is really still an issue - LVMv2 has
been around for a while.

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