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Nova Installation and Projects


Hey Guys,

I'd really like to streamline the install process in the wiki  The code is
changing very rapidly, but it is a large barrier of entry for people new to
the community.  There is a wiki page for getting to the point where unit
tests run and you can actually run the workers under OSX (fake
virutalization) or Ubuntu.  The simple instructions are here:


I'd like to add some more for the easiest process to actually running a vm
(on Ubuntu only at the moment) and ssh-ing in from the various locations as
well.  Please correct any errors, or simplify the instructions if you see

It would be great to have the equivalent for installing from the ppa now
that we are actually building packages.
- how to add the ppa # we need to make sure redis2.0, newer libvirt, and
patched python-twisted are in the ppa
- installing packages
- creating users
- getting credentials
- running a system and logging in.

I also want to start putting together a list of things that need to be
coded.  It can be a grab bag for developers that want to help but don't have
a specific bug/feature to work on.  I've created an etherpad for that
purpose here:


Please contribute ideas.  We can move it to the wiki once we have brain
dumped everything.

We're making some excellent progress, lets keep it up!

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