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Re: Twisted or Eventlet?


Hi Michael,

> As hazmat points out in the "twisted v. eventlet" thread, you can't use pdb
> with Twisted, while pdb works just as you'd hope in Eventlet.

This seems a bit of a strong statement.  I use pdb with twisted all the time.

> hazmat's experience during his lightning talk (see the same thread) is a
> good datapoint verifying that people unfamiliar with either project will
> probably prefer to work with Eventlet over Twisted: good for recruiting.

I can safely argue that there many more Twisted programmers in the
market than Eventlet ones.

> It's a weaker argument, but it's really hard to find any comparisons between
> Twisted and Eventlet on the web that say Twisted is preferable (has anyone
> found any?)

This doesn't look like a motivator.  I could argue that you're not
seeing comparisons because no one uses eventlet, for instance. :-)

> And as always, there's the argument that Eventlet code is easier to read and
> understand, and therefore to maintain.
> I'm going to be working on adding the RS API to Nova, and I'm going to
> proceed in Eventlet.  If anyone feels strongly that we must use Twisted
> instead, speak up; otherwise, shall we call this decision made?

I'm not actually arguing either way, but if I had to make this
decision, I'd have a slightly more even comparison between eventlet
and twisted.  Twisted is stable, well known, has several maintainers,
and *many* users.  Canonical, Google, Apple, ITA, and many many other
use Twisted.  You can trust on it being around and well maintained in
the foreseeable future.

With that in mind, I'd take some additional time discussing the pros
and cons on both sides, including technical approaches to use them,
maintenance cost, and so on, before making a big long term commitment.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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