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Re: Require Pylons, or copy-and-paste its code?


Hi Todd,

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 2:04 PM, Todd Willey <todd@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> That link wasn't all that helpful.  It looks like there is still a
> routing and dispatch layer needed as well?  Are there any examples of

how to write a controller?

Yes, this depends on RoutesMiddleware being above it in the WSGI stack --
which nova.wsgi.Router provides.  WSGIMiddleware provides the dispatch --
when you call it, it looks at the data from RoutesMiddleware in environ and
calls the proper action method on self.

A controller would follow the standard REST syntax that map.resource()
expects, e.g.

class ServerController(WSGIController):
  def index(self):
    # return a list of servers
  def show(self, id):
    # return server <id>
  def delete(self, id):
    # delete server <id>
  # etc

I expect I'll make cerberus's rackspace.controllers.BaseController inherit
from WSGIController to provide helper methods, e.g. to format RS API Faults.


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