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Installing nova in Ubuntu Lucid 10.04



I'm struggling to installation of nova into Ubuntu Lucid 10.04, referring the below URL.
("Instructions for getting it to work from source on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx" section)

I think the below 2 description should be added.

1. Removing commentout /etc/sudoers
   before: #includedir /etc/sudoers.d
   after : includedir /etc/sudoers.d
   (b/c launching nova-networks fails without it)

2. Redis configuration(redis.conf)
   before: dir ./
   after:  dir /tmp
   ( b/c permission denied error occurs when redis write to temp-pid.rdb)

Just want to inform what I found on installation b/c documentation topic appears in today's meeting...
If it's already known, just ignore.

Kei Masumoto <masumotok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Assistant Manager,
Research and Development Hq, NTTData Corp.
tel: +81 50 5546 2301 FAX: +81 3 3532 0491

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