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OOC blog stimulation and wiki extension


I think we might energize the ooc communication. To reach this goal, I believe we can :

I) Make the wiki a *central place* for the OOC ecosystem.

Although Nirvana [http://nirvana.ooc-lang.org/] will centralize OOC packages and bindings in a short time, it can be a real improvement to make some dedicated and up-to-date pages. The idea is to obtain something like [http://go-lang.cat-v.org/]; a place where we can have lists of projects around OOC and small descriptions. Apart from Github [http://github.com/search?langOverride=&language=&q=language%3Aooc&repo=&start_value=1&type=Repositories&x=0&y=0], have you another places to keep a watch on (Google Code, SF...) or Github is *the* website to have all OOC public projects ?

We will create this pages in a special namespace of the official website and, when they are ready, we will open editing to all registered, allowing everyone to add and update their projects.

Outside pure ooc things and existing bindings, I think it could be interesting to have pages about tutorials / articles, bindings wishes and maybe IRC Logs. In this connection, has someone saved IRC logs ?

II) Make the *blog a good place* to follow OOC

My thought is to make the blog more active. It should be nice to have regular posts, one by week or more. In a mid-term, I'd like we can subscribe planets or social news websites to give us more visibility. I especially think about FSFDaily, Tuxmachines and maybe Digg, Reddit...

The first thing which can be good is to write a *weekly news* about OOC and its ecosystem. It will need a lot of communication between the core team, developers and the `communication team`. There is the IRC room and maybe emails. But do you think it's possible to make another place where the community will post short news about its projects ? It can be here, on the ML, it can be special wiki pages, or identi.ca account... What do you think about ?

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