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OOC Website changes


Good morning all,

I d'like to initiate a discussion about the ooc website and more generally the ooc Net presence.

Currently, the website is mostly built around PHP softwares : Wordpress for the blog and DokuWiki. Github is used for development and issues, Launchpad as the ML host and, last, Twitter for daily follow-up.

I'd like to have your points of view about :

1. I believe that having our ML outside our primary domain isn't a good thing, especially if followers need a Launchpad account. The idea is to have our own ML, with Mailman or at least at our host. What do you think about creating a second ML, to mark out ooc-dev and ooc-users ?

2. A "free" consideration : it should be a good thing to pull out Twitter and migrate to Identi.ca, or, why not, to install our own StatusNet service [http://status.net/]. We can keep the Twitter account and automatically push the messages from Identi.ca I think.

3. What are your opinions about the creation of a XMPP room ?

4. What do you think about writing the website in OOC : a good idea, to demonstrate a real world example; not a priority, practical aspects matters more... ?

Some people, on IRC, were talking about making the website in RoR. Is someone have more information ? I can help in this area too, but in Python and most probably around the BFG framework [http://bfg.repoze.org/] and maybe later in OOC.

Until we can write the OOC website in RoR/Python or even OOC itself, I think we should optimize our wiki and create more pages to give visitors more information about OOC, its community and ecosystem. I'll write another posts on the ML to detail.

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