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Re: OOC blog stimulation and wiki extension


Hi again!

> We will create this pages in a special namespace of the official website
> and, when they are ready, we will open editing to all registered,
> allowing everyone to add and update their projects.

Good idea! Should we start doing this in our wiki or rather use a
special software somehow?

> Outside pure ooc things and existing bindings, I think it could be
> interesting to have pages about tutorials / articles, bindings wishes
> and maybe IRC Logs. In this connection, has someone saved IRC logs ?

Also sounds good. I have IRC, I think I was only ~90% of the last
months, but I'm not sure if we should publish them right now - IMHO if a
channel is going to publish its logs, this should be clear to all
participants beforehand. What do you think? ;)

> II) Make the *blog a good place* to follow OOC
> My thought is to make the blog more active. It should be nice to have
> regular posts, one by week or more. In a mid-term, I'd like we can
> subscribe planets or social news websites to give us more visibility. I
> especially think about FSFDaily, Tuxmachines and maybe Digg, Reddit...

Good idea!
ndd, what do you think about granting blog posting rights to ooc people?

> The first thing which can be good is to write a *weekly news* about OOC
> and its ecosystem. It will need a lot of communication between the core
> team, developers and the `communication team`. There is the IRC room and
> maybe emails. But do you think it's possible to make another place where
> the community will post short news about its projects ? It can be here,
> on the ML, it can be special wiki pages, or identi.ca account... What do
> you think about ?

Can't we do that on the blog, too, or would this make the blog *too*
active? ;-)



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