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Re: Getting started / about iphone development



Yes there's docs :) I asked Mark to make it more
accessible/visible from the main website but apparently it hasn't been
done yet. Hopefully he reads the mailing list too. 

The iPhone question
is really more political than technical. Of course C code can be
compiled and used on the iPhone. It's just forbidden by Apple for apps..
so it depends on what you want to do. If you intend to program an app
that you want to sell then just go for Objective-C. As sad as it is :(

The question about XCode leads us to the interesting lack of an ooc
ide.. not that it would be hard to do. The ooc community just seems to
have been busy/lazy/comfortable with vim/emacs enough not to take the
time to do it. There's been my ooclipse effort a long time ago, as
discussed in the other thread, but it's hardly what I would call IDE

As for "is the language mature enough" I think we can answer
yes now. The tools are still developing, there are exciting ideas for
rock, the compiler, but it's internal improvement (to make it faster,
improve error reporting, libs building, etc etc.) but the language
itself works well enough and has more or less settled. 

There are still
issues and feature requests, of course. But we're getting there :) And
if you want to be a part of it you're more than welcome. The more fresh
blood we'll have, the faster we'll be able to make progress. 


Fri, 24 Sep 2010 13:43:09 -0300, Damian  wrote:  

Hi, I've just found
the language yersterday and I haven't even managed to build a hello
world, but there are a couple of questions I have: 
Would it be possible
to code in ooc for iphone?  
Can i use c libraries from ooc? 
And, would
it be possible to use xcode for coding/debugging?  
I can't even imagine
how debugging ooc code would be... is it possible I would need to debug
the generated c code? 

Thanks a lot! 
Oh, one more question, is the
language mature enough for serious development? From what I have read,
the language looks very promising, but I don't know about the
development/progress status. 


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