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Re: Fwd: OpenERP touchscreen module


thank you for your response, I understand your reasons for not designing a generic procedure for working on objects offline, but there are a lot of cases where this feature would be very useful, like the one you mentioned in wich only new objects additions to the database are done, or one in wich a user only modifies the records he "owns" in a certain way. The system could be designed having in mind that it must be easy to enhance in the future to support locking of records or different behaviors in the case of update conflicts.
Thanks again for your comment.

El 13/11/2012 20:11, Fabrice Henrion escribió:

Hi Ismael,

I will let OpenERP R&D confirm this, but we don't have plan to extend the offline capability to all modules, simply because it is impossible without crippling its usage. Here is why: if you allow offline changes that get uploaded when you come back online, what do you expect the software to do when 2 users do something different offline on a single record? Eg: one user changes an opportunity to qualified stage and another one changes it to negotiation stage. Worse, what do you expect when one user goes in one direction of the workflow and another one goes in another direction. You might want to propose to have a system of alerts where the second user making the change would be notified, but can you imagine how unmanageable that would become after spending several hours working in OpenERP and when you come online the system tells you that half of what you did cannot be processed.

From what I have seen, the way other software applications like Sage do it is with a system of locking. A user can lock a record or a list of records (online) and can work on it offline, and then release the result of his work when he's done and that he comes back online. This is very uncomfortable because you end up with tons of records locked here and there and other people in the company cannot modify what they need to. Who has worked with Sharepoint and never had to go to the desk of his colleague to ask him to unlock a file...

The reason why it's possible to go offline with the POS is because it is only adding records; you are not modifying existing records. So all you do is push new information to the ERP. Therefore, the offline mode makes sense for any other application that requires only to push new information to the ERP.

Forget about an offline mode on, say, quotations. That would be a nightmare of "update" conflict management between users (salespeople and their manager typically).


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Hi, Dinil,
I don't know the inner working of Openbravo web POS, could you be more specific about your plan? Does anybody know if OpenERP has any plans in respect to implement the offline functionality in a generic way for any module, or if they plan to maintain the current framework they used in 6.1 por POS module? In case they haven't this in their heads, coudn't the community start such project if enough people were interested in it? I think this is a very interesting feature for OpenERP.

El 13/11/2012 14:27, Dinil UD escribió:

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    hi ,

    Next week we planned to start working on POS application. The aim
    is make the POS similar like web POS of openbravo. I had
    some experience on modifying openerp's POS.

    On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 5:01 PM, Ismael Carrero
    <icarrero@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:icarrero@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    here in our company we are asessing the option of extending the
    offline functionality of the point_of_sale module, which uses
    backbone.js and local storage in the client (big screen
    smartphones in our case) to the module we are developing (and to
    any generic module by extension).
    If you are interested in cooperation of any kind, please contact
    me, I think there must be many more companies interested in this
    line and we could cooperate.
    Ismael Carrero

    El 13/11/2012 13:23, Daniel Reis escribió:

        Dear community,

        At my company, SECURITAS, we are currently using OpenERP
        Project modules for field service management.
        Also, we would like to equip our field service personnel with
        a mobile solution to make it easier for them to manage their
        assigned tasks and fill out each intervention's work report.

        They already carry laptops with 3G communications, but it
        isn't practical enough.
        So we're considering to also equip them with a tablet device,
        probably 7"-8" Android, and provide a touch screen ready app
        to let them do this work on OpenERP.

        I had a look at the POS, a I believe that a similar App could
        provide a viable solution for our needs.
        The offline ability is an important feature for our use-case,
        since sometimes work is carried out in places with no GSM or
        WIFI connection, like underground locations or remote sites.

        My current task is to assess the viability of a satisfactory
        OpenERP-based solution for this, and get an idea of what what
        kind of costs such a project might involve.
        Right now are rather autonomous in 6.0-style module
        development, but this project requires some specific technical
        knowledge, so we are willing to outsource it.

        So, I would appreciate experiences, comments and suggestions.

        Thanks and regards,
        Daniel Reis


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