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Re: New Community Organization for OpenERP


Le 16/11/2012 16:41, Joël Grand-Guillaume a écrit :
For all of these projects, the rules we expect you to adhere to and respect are:


    Nobody merge his/her own work into the branch. Another member of
    the team must do it. Exceptions may be accepted if the merge
    proposal has been strongly approved by the rest of the team;

I agree on this, but I think it requires another exception : if you are the main author of the module, then you don't need to go through a merge proposal, you can push your code directly. For example, I am the main author of the OpenERP-Asterisk connector ; if I apply your rule to the Asterisk-OpenERP connector on Launchpad, that mean I would need to try to find someone to review all my code on this project ; I'm afraid that nobody will review it, because I am basically the only one to master the code of this module !



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