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Suggestion, Idea for OpenerUpgrade project


*Regarded Contributers*

**** this is a copy of a post to openupgrade mailing list - asking for your
two cents ****

 im still in the erly iterations of the hermeneutic cycle (it's not a
curve, it's cycles!), but once I will have reached the level, you can be
sure, I will remember the laws of reciprocity and make myself contributer
to the openupgrate project.

This being said, you have an rough idea about where I am in the life cycle:
As a very curious person, I'm constantly exploring almost every aspect,
with an open mind and no conventions already marked into my brain. So the
following might be sensible or not to you, but I wanted to ask you to give
it a short assessment.

About Pentaho Kettle, I read
it has a* graphical tool for ETL* and can be used to update a database.
This sounds for me like a hot canditate for OpenUpgrade, especially to
improve usability and stuff (and probably conquest back community
leadership in the realm upgrading, something that to zikzakmedia, nantic,
etc. would probably please..:).

So let mi depcit a vision, and let's see, if you might share:

I imagine a VM (probably even using vagrant boxes or docker) that has a
ready configured data migration server, where you can easily manipulate ETL
and stuff *with a kind of integration of pantaho kettle and
OpenUpgrade-logic*, maintained and alimented with best practices from
github, making it easy easy easy to set up and share migration pipelines
for modules.

My general mission, I feel myself dedicated to within the community, is
usability and tearing down hurdles and inconveniences. Such proposal would
perfectly fit. I think people are just inherently lazy, so if we could
maximze convenience we could maximize contribution and therefore probably
momentum and quality of the whole project.

What do you think about htis idea/visioin? What can I personally do to help
make this reality?

Thanks for your two cents, if we sum them up properly, it might yield to
somewhat bigger amounts by some magnitude.. ;)

*Freundliche Grüsse*

* ​​*
*David Arnold B.A. HSG*

+57 315 304 1368

​El Alemán S.A.S, Carrera 13 # 93 - 40 P4, Bogotá D.C, Colombia

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