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Multiple fiscal positions on partners


*Hello Fellows*

 in Colombia we (some) are trying to adapt to local legislations by
following a concept of introducing multiple fiscal positions per parnter.
This sould only involve quite minimal code change, maybe same 30-50 lines
of code in total...

The idea is to cluster fiscal positions under certain domains (such as one
tax1, tax2, tax3, tax4, tax5, etc.) and to be able to assing to a partner
an infinite number of fiscal postiones ordered by domains.

If we don't introduce this multidimensionality of fiscal postitons, we
would have to multiply out (is this the corect term?) the matrix and get
some 5x5x5x5 (=4 domains with 5 cases each) fiscal positions... Not cool.

Would this be a feature eligible for core aknowledging it's very small code
impact (using existing concepts) and its usefullness in more complicated
jurisdictions worldwide?

Point two, is there some kind of classification flield on product known,
which can serve to prepare for granularity when it comes to concepts such
as BI and XBRL. We would like to link taxes and reporting requirements to
such product classification fields here in colombia. (there are about
5000-6000 thousend different concepts of municipality tax, differing from
municipality to municipality - which are based on such a product - or
"activity " - classification)

*Freundliche Grüsse*

*David Arnold B.A. HSG*

+57 315 304 1368

​El Alemán S.A.S, Carrera 13 # 93 - 40 P4, Bogotá D.C, Colombia

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