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Re: Doubts about how to procced on testing OCA project modules for Odoo


2014-06-14 12:38 GMT-05:00 Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero <pedro.baeza@xxxxxxxxx>

> That's why Ana is asking for this openly and to discuss at global
> community the best approach to follow.
> Regards
I think as comment at margin that this approach to maintain both seudo
compatibles is good but will not be possible for too much time.

A re-write on account.tax is comming
<https://github.com/odoo-dev/odoo/commits/master-new-account-tax-tpa> which
will generate some important improvements that will allow us configure
better some specific localizations.

My advice is (not ruled yet by OCA but it is what we are doing):

You should maintain separate branches for 2 versions with continuos PR or
Merge from 7 to 8 and 8 evolving with new models.

What we did for MX and VE was develop 100% of test with the user cases we
now are working perfectly, then, we we migrate is a matter of fix the tests
which are red on runbot.

With this apporoach you get.:

1.- You can migrate in some moment 7.0 and trunk bzr branches to 7.0 and
master to github branches (as odoo did) when you think is the moment.
2.- We (at vauxoo) are preparing the runbot for v8 to manage several
modules repositories (discussed already with odo@openerp and in process of
devel and/or delegate to us this development not decided yet).
3.- You can think in re-write what you need freely on trunk.
4.- Prepare your migration with some script or so on.

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