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Advanced Tax Engine :: Preview


*To whom it might concern...*

As announced previously in this list, we have worked on an advanced tax
engine, to tackle tax specialties which are common in South American (and
maybe more) jurisdictions in a transparent, clear and logical manner.

*​The logical foundations of this Advanced Tax Engine are:*

- ​To cluster different Tax Concepts, we want to break the topic down into
smaller, isolated pieces: *Fiscal Domains *(Examples Domains would be: TVA,
Withholdings, Income Tax Prepayments on Invoices, etc.)

- To keep things transparent, we want to cluster taxes, which for technical
reasons are different "tax entries" but belong to the same concept, into
one *Tax Allocation Packages *(ex.: Purchase and Sale Tax with their
respective Tax and Counterparty Tax)

- As our jurisdiction might be complex, we do not only want predefined
taxes on products, because this makes everything only more complex. (We
until now tried to write our own code or to work with Fiscal Positions to
teach Odoo to alter taxes based on some very basic conditions, but this
always required a in the worst case "dummy tax" that can be altered). It
was like teaching an elephant to fly. Therefore, we now want that Tax
Allocation Packages are allocated based on a (occasionally large) set of
rules, which describe a particular constellation of factors in a specific
sales or purchase situation. We introduced *Tax Allocation Rules.*

- Because, our jurisdiction is complex, there are various influencing
factors, most commonly, a tax depends on some constellation of specific
partner, vendor and product attributes. We therefore want to collocate
such *Fiscal
Attributes* on a Fiscal Domain Case basis (to keep things manageable). As
in even more complex jurisdictions we might not only need the herein
predefined attributes of partners, vendors and products. In this case
additional attributes (example of the invoice line [Brazil]) can be easily
created and implemented via little extra coding.

*See what I mean:*

Install the modules (account_fiscal_allocation & account_fiscal_attribute)
of this branch on a virgin SaaS-5 with demo data (V8 alpha doesn't work

*http://goo.gl/2KPiqL <http://goo.gl/2KPiqL>*

​This is a preview, most things are still not working, but it gives a
better Idea of what we are trying to implement. Among the things that are
not working yet:

- Application of Tax Packages

- Collocation of Attributes on Partners/Products​

- Situation of Templates/Wizards is very inhomogeneous

If you like the work show your support with a +1.

If you feel like helping a little more, an offer to review a future beta
version of the code would be *very highly *appreciated.

If you've got some time left, you might even help us with debugging and
some coaching/best practices (we are all not the most experienced
programmers). Please write me a personal mail in case.

Thank you for your time, I hope you like this initiative.



*David Arnold B.A. HSG*

+57 315 304 1368

​El Alemán S.A.S, Carrera 13 # 93 - 40 P4, Bogotá D.C, Colombia

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