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Re: Individual column filtering in Odoo


On 06/19/2014 12:21 PM, Ana Juaristi wrote:
Hello everybody:

My feeling is that Oscar's idea would be really usefull for old and new users.
Very simple case of use (now testing projects/tasks) on Odoo:
I want to look for tasks of a single project.
I need doing this actions on screen:

1. click on combo
2. click on advanced search
3. look for field project
4. assing value on field

Please, no! The focus is on the omnisearch by default, so just type the name of the project, then go down with the arrows and select the auto-completed project. Done.

And if the project field was not part of the search view (it is!) you should add it, not invent a feature to replace this basic setup ;-)

5. If I save filter, value on field is fixed, so

Being able to modify existing filters and existing search facets is a different feature, and could be done in the omnisearch box as well.

Please do not confuse bad use or bad configuration of the search views with lack of flexibility or features. The omnisearch has some limitations that require advanced search (like specifying date ranges), but in 99% of cases a proper search view will cover all cases perfectly. Just improve the search view when it's not good enough.

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