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Re: Fwd: Re: odoo install scripts



Le 20/06/2014 11:25, cysnake4713 a écrit :
> I wrote one shell script to install postgresql, virtualenv and odoo ( I
> like to install odoo in virtualenv), Here is the link:
> https://github.com/cysnake4713/odoo-install/blob/master/install.sh

This script is interesting. I agree virtualenv is a good approach. Code
is simple and easy to read.

> it's working, but I think only Halfway done, I think I will add:
> 1. better UI of course

I can confirm the UI and GUI are much appreciated.

> 2. optional of virtualenv installing

you may want to use any kind of installation.
Using GIT is not an easy choice because GIT code is unstable.

> 3. auto db backup strategy

and restore

> 4. Auto create Test Server and Production Server

> Any advise and code is welcome~^_^

Points I noticed at first read :
- postgresql will probably need to be tuned
- role doesn't need to be superuser, else there is no protection
- If you plan to run separate services, you must jail the user in his

Rgegarding code, you can give a try to this :


It does what you plan, test/production/training separated services,
upgrades and downgrades, backup/restore strategy, UI and GUI etc... but
so complex that a simpler script like your's is welcome.

I will make a new version of it when V8 will be published. Environments
are per default for tryton, but not on OpenERP. I may configure them per
default for Odoo too.


Dominique Chabord - SISalp