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Re: Community Mailing List


I wasn't sure about questioning such a basic tool as malinig lists, so I
asked Joel beforehand. I think he is right, in a open world, to whom it
might interest, it's worth sharing...
I see this mailing list as a somewhat ineffictient tool to organize
discussion (and there are very valuable ones!). I think other issues have
priority, so this might be a hook for the record...
If You're interested on this opinion, read on...

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2014-06-23 17:21 GMT-05:00 Joël Grand-Guillaume <

> Dear David,
> First of all, I think it's a free world and sharing your thoughts is your
> right. This is also what I like in the open source world. So feel free to
> write it publicly if you want to.
> I understand this may be an issue. In the other hand, we currently focus
> on so many very high priority tasks to start running the OCA: handling a
> github migration, discussions with Odoo, setuping the project steering
> committee, new website,... . We will not have the time to discuss that
> topic right now.
> But, every project will benefit from some tools we'll provide them, like a
> shared and public project to run their projects and tasks. More news on the
> new coming website. I have the hope that for working together it'll bring
> his lot of advantages.
> I suggest to have a try on what's we've done so far and see if the need
> for an OCA forum will be necessary. But we tend to think that in that case,
> we should use the official one provided by odoo here :
> https://www.odoo.com/forum/Help-1
I tend to challange some offical developements, as exposed in previous

Pro: Might help with the development of those official modules.

- Might further disencourage interconnectivity with other projects. I
already percieve odoo as a rather closed community because of many "we do
it our way" decisions. This just reduces hooks and ease to join in. As a
- Regarding forum solutions, I think the odoo one is a specifically
unsuitbale solution. I believe somewhat in the repartition of labor and
expertise and would encurage the use of a benchmark tool. Like this
official tools would benefit from "new" influences, and community could
draw upon state-of-the-art in every aspect.

Supporting References:
- Its Q&A centric, not discussion centric...

Alternative bold vision:
Integrate community in a open collaborative enterprise portal, just without
the "boss part".

> Hope this helps and give you the informations you wanted.
> Best regards,
> Joël
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 10:17 PM, David Arnold - El Alemán <
> david@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> *Hello Joel*
>> I'm writing here, because this is quite a fundamental suggestion and I
>> maybe ignore important facts and don't want to offend.
>> I feel about the mailing list, that it is somehow diffcult to organize
>> and track informaction for oneself. When I should compare it with another
>> form of communication, It maybe would construct analogy with people sitting
>> around a fireplace and talking.
>> There are some hardliner fireplacer, and there are people coming when
>> they are cold and going again if they are warm again...
>> What I mean is, that the history of talks is not very well organized and
>> therefore not so accessible and therefore, although not physically lost,
>> lost in a "de facto" sense.
>> Probably we could start thinking about a more apropriate community forum.
>> I don't have specific suggestoins but I wanted to drop the idea. I myself
>> feel sometimes bad posting issues in such an unorganized manner in the
>> general inbox.
>> If you feel this is not to offensive (mainly to the hardliner
>> fireplacers), feel free to make this community discussion.
>> *Best* David
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