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Re: Community Mailing List


On 2014-06-23 17:45, David Arnold - El Alemán wrote:
> I see this mailing list as a somewhat ineffictient tool to organize
> discussion (and there are very valuable ones!).

As a 'hardliner fireplacer' I'd want to see a superior system before
supporting a switch. Never have yet.

> ​Comments in light blue.​

Looks green to me. The main problem I see with mailing lists is most
people don't know how to use them properly anymore. I admit the large
body of netiquette required for maximum effectiveness is not all
self-evident, and many MUAs encourage bad habits these days, but the
foundation is sound. Better archive searching and a 'lint for mailing
lists' MUA plugin would be good.

> open collaborative enterprise portal

Sounds awful :-)


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