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Re: renaming modules


On 01-07-14 08:17, Davide Corio wrote:
> Hi *,
> in case someone needs to rename a module, what should be the correct approach?
> is it possibile to handle this via migration scripts? (rename everything…uninstall the old module...)

Hi Davide,

untested, but I think the following could work:

- Rename the module
- Create a module that renames the XML-id's owned by the old module and
set the new module state to 'to upgrade'.
- Recreate the old module without any logic or data, depending on the
migration module.
- Run update --all first to reload the list of modules. Run --update all
again to upgrade the new module.
- Uninstall the old module and the migration module manually.

It would probably be a 10 line patch to support module renames in the
base module, using something like an 'oldname' directive in the manifest


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